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BlueStar stocks, markets, and ships the top equipment manufacturers in rugged mobile computing, scanning, barcode, label, and receipt printer, self-service, digital signage, RFID, and edge compute.

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Custom Configuration

Pre-shipment assembly, kitting, tagging, custom packaging and more.

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Gain a Competitive Edge and Improve Margins

Our in-house custom configuration department and scalable network of field service providers, we deliver service solutions that fulfill your requirements for projects of any scope.

Our field service providers can deliver solutions when and where you need them within the continental US, while our custom configuration department can ship to any domestic or international destination serviced via FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

Some of What We Can Do

Our configuration department regularly deals with key injections & loading forms, POS printers, all-in-one computers, barcode scanners, magstripe and MICR readers, barcode printers, digital signage, tablets, mobile computers, RFID readers and more.

Service Description
All-in-One and PC Imaging
A complete, exact copy of a computer's hard drive, including the operating system, applications, settings, and data.
Software Landing
Initial configuration of software on a system  including setting up the necessary environment, configurations, and dependencies
Hardware Re-configuration
Adjusting purchased or provided hardware to the required settings so that it will operate as expected upon receipt
Custom Packaging
Tailored packaging that protects components during shipping while presenting your full solution in an elevated fashion
Kitting & Staging
Assembly of all the necessary components along with pre-configuring, testing, for fully operational deployment upon arrival
Asset Tagging and Labeling
Labeling devices with barcodes or RFID tags to efficiently monitor, manage, and maintain them through their lifecycle

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