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BlueStar stocks, markets, and ships the top equipment manufacturers in rugged mobile computing, scanning, barcode, label, and receipt printer, self-service, digital signage, RFID, and edge compute.

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Scanning and Display Soluiton Manufacturer for over 45 years



BlueStar is a premier distribution partner of Opticon, one of the first companies in the world to specialize in manufacturing barcode scanners.

Scan, connect and communicate are the three verbs that describe our business. From scanner devices to electronic shelf labels, all our appliances provide the link between technology and the continuing demand for information. In other word: we scan, connect, and communicate the way we do business.


Handheld Barcode Scanning Solutions

Since 1976, Opticon has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing world-class 1D and 2D handheld scanners. In addition to this, Opticon developed the Companion Scanner range. Companion Scanners are user-friendly, lightweight, intuitive, quick, and modern.


Android Mobile Computers & Data Collectors

Opticon’s Mobile Computers offer high-end barcode scanning possibilities in compact but rugged devices. The network possibilities provide real-time data transfer at any moment.


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